On March 31, 2012, Viet Nam’ Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed Dicision No. 366 about Approving the national target program on Rural Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation, phase 2012 – 2015

1. General objectives:

Gradually to realize National strategy on rural clean water supply and environmental sanitation till 2020, improve condition of the water supply, sanitation, raise awareness, change hygiene behavior and reduce environmental pollution, contribute in enhancing health and life quality for rural people.

2. Specific objectives:

To achieve the following major objectives by the end of 2015:

- Water supply: 85% of rural population use hygienic living water, in which 45% shall use water attaining to QCVN 02-MOH standard with the minimum volume of 60 liters/person/day; and 100% of nursery schools, general education schools and commune health stations in rural areas have adequate clean water.

- Environmental sanitation: 65% of rural households have hygienic latrines, 45% of breeding farmers have hygienic breeding- facilities and 100% of nursery schools and general education schools, commune health stations in rural areas have adequate hygienic latrines.

3. Projects of the Program:

- Project 1: Clean water supply and rural environment:

+ Sub-project 1: living water supply, including: Built living water supply constructions for rural areas, border guard stations combined with residential clusters in border route and prisons, giving priority for areas with special difficulty of water sources: mountainous, saline areas, arsenic, dioxin and other toxic contaminated areas.

+ Sub-project 2: Built clean water constructions and hygienic latrines for nursery schools, general education schools.

+ Sub-project 3: Build hygienic breeding- facilities.

- Project 2: Rural Sanitation:

+ Sub-project 1: Build household hygiene latrines.

+ Sub-project 2: Build clean water construction and hygiene latrines for commune health stations.

- Project 3: Enhancing capacity, communication, supervising and evaluating of implementation of the Program:

Training for enhancing capacity for the system of the sector; informing - educating - communicating and enhancing awareness, changing of behavior for all levels, sectors and communities; supervising - evaluating the implementation of the Program; controlling water quality; review and update the planning; developing and transferring technology; operating and maintaining constructions.

Detail view attachments file: The national target program on Rural Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation

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