On 22/9/2015, Mr. TIDIERE Alain – Representative of HYDROKARTS Company (specializing in providing solutions for dam maintenance and safety) – The Republic of French visited and worked with Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR).

Participant of the meeting includes Department of Construction Works - Directorate of Water Resources - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. About Vietnam Academy for Water Resourceshave Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet - Director of the VAWR, Prof. Tran Dinh Hoa - Deputy Director of the VAWR, representing the Board of Planning, Center for Training and International Cooperation, the Hydraulic Construction Institute, Institute of Hydro and Renewable Energy, Institute of Ecology and Works Protection, Central for Water Resources Software.

Speaking at the meeting, on behalf of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet introduced on the organizational structure, functions, tasks, activities and recent activities of the VAWR. In particular, he emphasized the VAWR’s recent activities related to dam safety issues; participation in the WB8 project dam safety and desired to study on foreign experience in dam safety and the technology of advanced countries on dam safety including France.

Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet - Director of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources stated at the meeting

In response to the statement of the Director of VAWR, Mr. TIDIERE Alain - Representative of HYDROKARTS Company introduced some contents about the company. The main areas of the company is specialized in the assessment of underwater works and maintenance, rehabilitation, dam safety. The company operates under three forms: (1) All construction operations performed on strings; (2) The operation works in the water with the superior equipment with divers can to a depth of 200m or uses robots that can down the desired depth, (3) The operations in the narrow space as nuclear power plants. Up to the present time, the Company has participated in maintenance, maintenance of about 60 works for clients around the world and the company is also a member of the network including other five French companies.

Besides, representative of the Company wishes to implement a pilot with a specific dam project in Vietnam with great height on diagnosing the condition of the dam, dam maintenance and wishes to cooperate with VAWR.

Mr. TIDIERE Alain - Representative of HYDROKARTS Company stated at the meeting

The two sides came together to exchange, discuss the contents and how to deploy collaborative, open training courses on monitor of the observation and use of observation equipment, operation management and dam safety, the businesses in the network of HYDROKARTS Company.

The meeting ended successfully, has opened many opportunities for collaboration in the future for the VAWR and HYDROKARTS Company as well as the members of the Company's network in France.

Source: VAWR

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