1. General objectives

To mobilize all resources for efficient natural disaster prevention, fighting and reduction from now till 2020 in order to minimize human and material losses, restrict the destruction of natural resources, environment and cultural heritages and greatly contribute to ensuring the country's sustainable development and security and defense maintenance.

2. Some specific objectives

a/ To raise the capability to forecast storms, floods, droughts, salt water infiltration, to report on earthquakes, alarm tsunamis and dangerous climatic and hydrological phenomena. Focally to increase the storm and tropical low pressure forecast time to 72 hours in advance.

b/ To ensure that the development plannings, construction norms of socio-economic infrastructure and population quarters in areas frequented by natural disasters comply with natural disaster prevention and fighting standards of each region; to associate socio-economic development plannings and branch plannings with the natural disaster prevention, fighting and reduction strategy, plannings and plans for sustainable development.

c/ To ensure that 100% local officials directly engaged in natural disaster prevention and fighting are trained to raise their capabilities and qualifications in natural disaster prevention, fighting and reduction; and over 70% of the population in communes of natural disaster-frequented areas are provided with knowledge on natural disaster prevention, fighting and reduction.

d/ To complete the relocation, arrangement and stabilization of the life of people in natural disaster-frequented areas under the plannings approved by competent state bodies. From now to 2010, to relocate people from areas highly prone to flash floods, land slides and dangerous areas to safe places.

e/ To direct close coordination among search and rescue forces in order to actively cope with urgent circumstances; ensure investment in the construction of technical infrastructure, procurement of equipment and development of human resources in service of search and rescue under the general planning on search and rescue till 2015 with a vision towards 2020, which was approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 46/2006/QD-TTg of February 28, 2006.

f/ To ensure safety for the dike systems in provinces from Ha Tinh northward; raise the flood-fighting capacity of dike systems in central coastal areas, the Central Highlands and eastern South Vietnam; to complete the consolidation and upgrading of sea dike systems throughout the country in order to protect people, develop marine economy and maintain security and defense and coastal areas.

g/ To ensure safety for water reservoirs, particularly big ones or those in populated areas or near political, economic or cultural establishments, important defense or security works downstream.

h/ To complete the construction of storm shelters for ships and boats to anchor and moor in accordance with plannings approved by competent state bodies.

i/ To complete the fishery communication systems; 100% offshore fishing ships and boats will be equipped with communication facilities; to sign sea rescue agreements with countries and territories in the region.

Detail view attachments file: Approve the national strategy on natural disaster prevention, fighting and reduction till 2020

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